Creekside Market is a locally owned and operated company that has a very long history of providing reliable grocery services in the community of Whistler, BC, Canada. The company is an industry leader that continues to offer excellent grocery products 365 days a year to all customers each season.


Jerry & Sana Marsh - Owners

Jerry and Sana Marsh have lived in the Whistler community for many years with their family. They enjoy the great outdoors of Canada and the relaxed mountain lifestyle in Whistler resort. The owners of Creekside Market have always believed in catering to all types of local residents and international visitors. They have provided professional grocery products from the Creekside area of Whistler resort for decades and continue to be an industry leader.

For more detailed information about Creekside Market, please contact Jerry and Sana Marsh in the administration office.

We look forward to seeing you at the market in Whistler during any season!